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Learn how to leverage a strong UX designer partnership to take your apps to the next level


In a world flooded with mobile experiences, the one thing that stands out is superior design and user-friendly interface. You know how important UX and UI design are, but how do you find someone who can take your brilliant technical productions and turn them into a visual experience your clients’ customers will want to use?

And if you do find an amazing designer, how do you clearly communicate what you need? It can seem like they speak a different language entirely.

Get Started on the Right Foot with UX Design

To help get your ideas across and produce the best final production for your customers’ apps, we’ve collected three of our most useful resources when starting new projects in our “Guide to Working with a UX Designer”. In it, you’ll receive:

Fluidify Product Strategy Worksheet

Product Strategy Worksheet

A business model canvas template that clearly lays out the key parts of your clients’ business models needed for UX design to be effective.

Fluidify UX Flowchart

UX Flowchart

A flow chart mapping the visual and user-interface components of your apps so you can work with a designer in a language you both understand.

Fluidify UI Lookbook

UI Lookbook

A PDF lookbook with different styles and themes to help you guide your clients in choosing a layout that fits their brand.

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